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Basic settings

Converters basic settings are located in menu System


Displays current state of system:

  • Average system load in last minute
  • Average system load in last 5 minutes
  • Average system load in last 15 minutes
  • JVM Heap - used memory by aplication
  • System memory - total used memory

Basic commands:

  • Application restart
  • OS restart
  • Shutdown converter

Configuration of network adapter

Consists of two parts:

  • Basic settings
  • Advanced settings - direct modification of configuration file

:!::!::!: Warning! Wrong network settings can cause converter to be inaccessible. Always check your changes before saving!

Basic Settings

Allows user to define one or more IP addresses on which will be converter available.
Default Gateway.
List of DNS servers.
IP address in standard IPv4 format with prefix (
for example.: address with netmask will be written as

Creates new record

Deletes selected record

Saves changes

Reverts unsaved changes

Restarts network adapter with newly saved changes

Advanced settings

Gives user total control of network settings. This option is designed for advanced linux users.
Configuration file description is available here.

Saves changes

Reverts unsaved changes

Configuration management

Provides backup and restore functions for driver configuration files.

Backup configuration

Backup manager is located in top part of the screen. Here are shown available configurations for export.
Selected configurations will be included in exported file.

Select all


Generate backup file

Restore configuration

Restore manager is located in bottom part of the screen.
Here will be shown configurations contained in backup file after its successful upload to server.
Then it is possible to select or deselect required configurations to restore.
:!: Application restart is required after restore.

Uploads selected backup file

Restores selected configurations

Time synchronization

Converter contains own backup time clock. If you require exact time, you are required to use NTP client.
:!: Ak chcete použiť pripojenie cez OpenVpn je potrebné túto časť nakonfigurovať

Creates new record

Deletes selected record

Saves changes

Reverts unsaved changes

Restarts NTP client


Enables VPN connection by using OpenVPN protocol.
Details about configuration are available here.
In the left side of the screen is located configuration file editor with buttons for uploading certificates.
In the right side of the screen are located buttons for managing service with displayed service log.
:!: OpenVPN requires correct system time in order to verify certificates.
:!: Uploaded certificate is automatically renamed to match certificate name of pressed upload button.

Saves changes

Reverts all unsaved changes

Uploads ca.crt

Uloads client.crt

Uploads client.key

Uploads ta.key

Enables service autostart

Disables service autostart

Starts service

Stops service

System updates

System updates can be installed only manually by downloading update file from internet or by manually uploading update file.
You will be prompted if new update is available.
Update will restart application or may even require to restart whole device.
After successful application update you can proceed with modules update.

Kernel log

Displays message buffer of linux kernel - same as dmesg command.

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