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Overview of Bacnet/IP implementation

Our Bacnet vendor ID is 571
Converter supports full segmentation.

Supported objects:

Supported properties can be displayed by clicking on objects.
Properties support depends on their implementation in communication drivers. All basic properties are implemented.
Not implemented properties will always return null or 0.

Supported services:

  • Read Property
  • Read Property Multiple
  • Write Property
  • Write Property Multiple
  • I am
  • I have
  • Who has
  • Who is
  • Subscribe COV
  • Confirmed COV notification
  • Unconfirmed COV notification
  • Subscribe COV Property

Changes to Bacnet/IP standard

  • Who has, Who is, I am, I have and COV are not using broadcast
  • Communication is not binded only on one port, responses are sent on senders port.

Bacnet/IP settings

These basic parameters are available:

  • Name of Device object
  • Instance of Device object
  • Port number in hexadecimal format
  • Broadcast mask - at initialization is once used to sent I am command, then will be used only for Bacnet browser

BBMD settings

Enables BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device service.
In the right side of the screen is located Broadcast Distribution Table.

Local Bacnet points

Displays list of local points with their states.
Value of the point can be changed by selecting and then right-clicking desired row, context menu for value change should pop up.

Changed value will be written to connected device only if active driver supports such action.

Updates values

Exports Bacnet EDE

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