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Bacnet/IP Reading and writing of remote points

Allows reading of points from external Bacnet/IP device and their writing into local points. Local points can be later written to points of external Bacnet/IP device.


8-) First column is used to select rows for deletion or bulk editing.
8-) Double-clicking row will open editor


  • Point instance check - sents Who has command with points name. Configuration will be updated if point has changed.
  • Automatic point instance check interval
  • Local point - local point name for read and write
  • Local point itegrity - indicates if local point exists
  • Function - off/reading COV/writing pool/write out of service/write Present value(via priority array)
  • Pool time in seconds / COV interval length / writing at local point change
  • Priority - priority for writing to priority array

Opens Bacnet/IP browser

Bacnet/IP browser

Add Bacnet/IP device manualy

Read point from selected device

Sends Who is broadcast

From list you can select points you wish to add. Selection will be confirmed by pressing OK button.

8-) When you create point manually, you are able to create bridge between drivers i.e. M-Bus point will be able to write to Excel


Displays current state of read and write operations for points.

Read Log


Enables subscription to broadcasts from external Bacnet/IP device

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