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24V/1A DC is required to power converter. Standard consumption is lower, but switched-mode power supply requires high inrush current.

Peripherals description

  1. Jumper - RS485 terminator
  2. RS 485 [C-bus] connector
  3. RS 232/MMI connector
  4. Ethernet
  5. USB Slave
  6. Do not connect
  7. Jumper - MMI power supply bridge between RS 232 DB9 and port 3.
  8. Power supply 24V DC

RS 485 connector

  1. Shielding
  2. A+
  3. B-
  4. GND

RS 232 connector

  1. GND
  2. MMI power
  3. TxD
  4. RxD

Power supply 24V DC

  1. -24VDC
  2. +24VDC

8-) With reverse polarity protection

  1. RS 232 DB9
  2. USB Host
  3. HDMI Do not connect
  4. Micro SD slot
  5. M-Bus

M-Bus connector

  1. M-Bus
  2. M-Bus

8-) With protection against overvoltage and short circuit
:!: In the event of prolonged short-circuit situation, converter will reduce output voltage. To restore converters function it is required to break converters power supply.

Linux COM port names

  RS485 - /dev/ttyO5
  M-Bus - /dev/ttyO4
  RS232 DB9 - /dev/ttyO1
  RS232 MMI - /dev/ttyO2

First run

:!: From factory settings, converters IP address is set to You will be able to connect to converter by setting your IP address in range 192.168.0.XXX with net mask set to

Converter requires about 1 minute to start all services with web interface. Web inteface should be accessible on web address
Login page will be displayed after successfull connection.
Default credentials are:
Username: root
Password: 123
By pressing Login button you will log in.
:!: It is recommended to immediately change default password, especially when device is visible on public network
8-) Credentials to web interface are identical with credentials used for ssh.

Changing password

You can change your pasword by clicking on your username located in menu below logo. Small context menu should pop up with option to Change password.

Changing system language

Integrated helper

You can also access integrated helper by directly accessing following links, each for different language:
<converters IP>/wiki/sk/blacky_max.html
<converters IP>/wiki/en/blacky_max.html
<converters IP>/wiki/de/blacky_max.html

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