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Blacky MAX

Smart gateway for Bacnet/IP

  • Weight:200 g
  • Dimensions:59 x 67 x 90 mm
  • Processor:ARM 1GHz
  • RAM:512MB
  • Power supply:24V DC
  • Power consumption:1000mA
  • Peripherals:2x RS 232 , 1x RS 485, 1x USB, 1x Ethernet RJ45, 1x M-Bus, 1x RS485
  • Converter can be extended with aditional RS232/RS485 ports via USB port
  • Connection to remote converters RS232/TCP RS485/TCP M-Bus/TCP (M-Bus, Modbus RTU, Variomat, Flamco)
  • Automatic reading and analysis of M-Bus devices.
  • Integrated Bacnet/IP browser for reading or writing to external Bacnet/IP devices
  • Configuration using integrated web interface
  • Updates via the internet
  • Modular software, compatible with our SCADA system Zapli
  • Direct support of OpenVPN in web interface, other VPN protocols are available in linux
  • ARCH Linux distribution

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